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Does Dyslexia Affect Learning Piano?

For a person with dyslexia, learning piano can either be more comfortable or more stressful. It depends on the person’s ability and their interest in the art of creating sound and music. The disorder can be frustrating for people as they take their time to read and understand. There is a phase when a child ….  Read More

learning piano as an adult

What’s It Like Learning Piano As An Adult?

Music has always been a source of inspiration for humankind. It brings a feeling of calm to our minds. And at some point in our life, we may find ourselves craving to learn it. Has it ever crossed your mind as an adult that you want to learn how to play the piano? Or is ….  Read More

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Should You Look At The Keys When Playing Piano?

Whether to focus on the score or the keys is individual preference. You can come across professionals who still naturally look down at the keys while they play. On the other hand, some amateurs tend to follow the score more than the keys. As you’re starting out learning to play the piano, you’ll likely find ….  Read More

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What Is a Piano Chord?

A chord is basically a set of notes played together. The keys played in the chords are chosen distinctively to create balance in harmony. Depending on the level of your skill, the chords can be simple or complicated. When you push down three or more keys together at the same time, you create a piano ….  Read More

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Piano For Dummies: How To Start Learning Piano

So you want to start learning piano. I’ve been there. There’s a number of ways to get started. Many people learn to play piano by themselves without an instructor. In my experience, however, an online tutorial can speed up the process considerably. Learning to play a sophisticated instrument like the piano helps to serve you ….  Read More

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Why Playing Piano Is Good For You

According to numerous studies, playing the piano helps to develop and maintain mental health. There is a misconception that learning to play the piano must happen at an early age. However, it’s entirely possible to master the piano even in adulthood. Age is not the deciding factor as long as you have the determination and ….  Read More