Hi there. My name is Tom and I’d like to tell you a little about myself.

Having a soft spot for piano music all my life, I never got around to learning to play it. Until I found out about a method that worked for me.

The thing with learning piano is that in order to get anywhere, you’re normally expected to start practicing at a young age under the care of a professional tutor. This is never in the cards for most people, including me.

As an adult, I tried (and failed at) learning piano on more than one occasion. Reading a book or two wasn’t quite enough on its own ―you have nothing to compare yourself to. What I really needed were some piano lessons.

And eventually, this is exactly what I came across. Although not in the way you’d expect. Turns out, you can find easy piano lessons online, complete with ebooks, video tutorials and audio lessons. Everything that makes learning piano simple. After I downloaded the learning materials from Pianoforall, I never looked back.

I think part of what makes this program unique is its approachability. Pianoforall doesn’t expect anything ‘musical’ from you. Nor does it expect you to memorize sheet music. You’ll learn to play piano by ear simply by following the instructions. The lessons are conveniently bite-sized and even the videos open on the page you are working on, so no switching between the books and the videos.

I’ve decided to share some of what I’ve learned along the way in the hope that more and more aspiring pianists discover this simple course for themselves and use it to unleash their true potential.

My thanks go out to Robin, the creator of Pianoforall.