Why Playing Piano Is Good For You

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According to numerous studies, playing the piano helps to develop and maintain mental health. There is a misconception that learning to play the piano must happen at an early age. However, it’s entirely possible to master the piano even in adulthood. Age is not the deciding factor as long as you have the determination and conviction to learn.

Regardless of whether an adult or a child wants to learn the piano, the health benefits remain the same. You stand to improve yourself in the various disciplines of life.

1. Cognitive Benefits

There is nothing quite like the art of mastering the piano. Anyone can train and master complex skills if they wish to do so. It sharpens a person’s mind and makes them more intelligent.

Playing the piano is ideal for the development of robust mental health. 

  • Enhance your consciousness

Research and studies further show the positive effects of learning piano among older adults. It improves their working memory.

Even within six months, you can start seeing the changes.

The Educational Psychology Journal in 1993 associated improved reading comprehension with playing the piano. The skill helps you process written text, understand it, and fuse it with what you already know. It will help you remember things you have read or seen.

  • Enhance brain speed

The nerves in every child and adult go through the process of myelination. It refers to the addition of layers of insulation by your nerves. Such coatings are responsible for assisting signals to advance faster through your nervous system. It’s important to note that your nervous system includes your brain as well.

Interesting fact: The signals sent by myelination nerves shoot at the speed of a Formula One race car.

Experts link the myelination process with the healthy development of childhood and adolescence. In recent times, research shows that the process helps to increase adult activity. 

An illustrious study associates the myelination process of playing the piano. Thus, you can expand your brain’s capability to think and reason by playing piano.

  • Aural skills expansion

Aural awareness refers to having a conscious understanding of the audio that you hear or produce. It also translates to your ability to combine one sound with another and maintain a balanced beat and rhythm. 

People famously refer to it as a “musical ear.” Even without the “musical ear,” you can still learn to play the piano.

By the time you master playing the piano, you will already have developed a musical ear. Don’t let the lack of aural skills discourage you from taking piano lessons. When you start your piano lessons, everything starts to take shape bit by bit.

With proper piano lessons, you can develop your listening and singing skills better.

  • Hone your focus and concentration

The art of playing the piano is like multitasking.

It focuses on combining melody and harmony, rhythm and tempo, pitch, and volume all at once. Simultaneously, you also have to focus on your body posture, finger positions, read the notes, etc.

If you experience losing focus at work or in class, playing the piano helps regain the focus.

It employs every area of your brain, which is a great exercise to boost your brain functionality. 

2. Psychological benefits

Expressing your emotions through music therapy helps to enhance your mental and physical health. Every time you play the piano, you are offering yourself the best form of therapy. 

  • Reduce your anxiety and stress levels

According to the National Library of Medicine publication in 2013, playing the piano relieves stress considerably. It is also prominent in decreasing depression among elderly adults.

According to the study, it attracts your neocortex through monotonous sounds, which helps to control your negative emotions. The outcome helps to reduce your desire to be impulsive and calms you down. 

It also opens the opportunity for you to explore new, beneficial types of music.

Gradually, you move towards music that is uplifting and positive. With such music, you free yourself from dark and depressive feelings. 

  • Elevate your happiness quotient

Playing the piano replaces negative emotions with positive emotions in many ways. It gives you an uplifting feeling. 

It makes you feel even better when you listen to inspiring music and are able to play it.

  • Lift your self-esteem and confidence

The ability to play complex musical instruments like the piano massively boosts your confidence. 

It helps you beat shyness. It’s like a form of public speaking without having to use your voice or face the audience directly.

Your confidence soars each time you progress from the first melody and move on to the next level.

3. Physical benefits

Playing the piano is like a sporting event with all the discipline and physical benefits.

  • Boosts your hand strength and agility

With regular practice, you automatically strengthen your fingers and increase your finger speed as well. 

Apart from increased nimbleness of your fingers, the act of repetition helps sharpen your motor skills. 

  • Enhanced eye-hand coordination

Even if you’re not terribly ambidextrous, playing the piano will help you develop ambidexterity over time. 

You get ample exercise for your brain, which instructs each hand to play different notes simultaneously. Mastering such skills helps you improve agility, reaction times, and athleticism.

Furthermore, your keyboard typing speed is likely to improve as well.

  • Amplify your HGH levels

Learning piano can considerably slow down the aging process in later life.

The human growth hormone (HGH) produced by the pituitary gland helps regulate metabolism, bone and muscle growth, body fluids, etc.

The study by the University of Miami shows that adults or seniors experience elevated HGH levels when taking piano lessons. Therefore, it’s not only children who benefit from playing piano.

There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t start practicing piano. There are a whole lot of long-term benefits you can reap. Apart from cognitive, psychological, and physical benefits, it is beneficial for your personal and social growth.

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